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Gas Safe & Heating Engineers offering installation & maintenance around the Lincolnshire area.

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Terms & Conditions

Lincs Care Cover


For Residential Park Homes & Domestic Dwellings





We aim to respond on the same day as the initial call. All calls should be made to the office phone (01522 695106) stating your name, address and what level of cover you are on. The mobile numbers are for emergencies only and out of hours calls. We do not charge a call out fee unless the call is out of hours and deemed to be of a non-emergency nature, i.e. if an engineer is called out in an emergency between the hours of 8pm and 8am and it is NOT an emergency then a fee of £80 + VAT will be charged. An emergency will be deemed as an uncontrollable water leak or broken down heating where the resident is vulnerable to the cold. Please use your discretion when calling the office number at times out of office hours. Our normal office hours are 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday. If you reach the answer machine, please do leave a message with your name, number, a brief description of the problem and the Lincs Care plan you are on, and we will call you back as soon as possible. Office staff will be able to locate an engineer and direct them to your job.

While you are a member of Lincs Care, should your heating break down, we aim to restore it to full working condition, free of charge for materials and labour on any repair. 


Prior to starting a Lincs Care agreement, a comprehensive inspection will be carried out on the boiler and all heating equipment on site. The boiler must be fully accessible without having to dismantle cupboards. During the initial boiler inspection we will evaluate the condition of your equipment and if any repairs need to be carried out before the commencement of membership, we will offer a quotation to rectify the problems to bring your equipment up to an operational and safe condition. Any points brought up on the report will need to be rectified by us, before commencement of cover. These initial repairs will not be covered under Lincs Care.

If we are unable to bring the appliance back to a safe & working standard, we will then advise you of the reasons why and make safe the appliance in line with the Gas Safety Installation & Use Regulations. Whilst parts are available and your boiler parts are not obsolete, we will endeavour to correct any problems. If the boiler is deemed to be obsolete or repairs could exceed the £400.00 (max limit) then it will be deemed to be beyond economical repair. We will therefore issue you a quotation with a discount for scheme members to replace the boiler upon request. Installation of a new appliance will not be covered under the Lincs Care scheme.

LINCS CARE 1 – BOILER CARE - £15.00pcm

Items Covered:

Items not Covered:


We will carry out a boiler service every year with no additional charge to your monthly payment and we will try to carry these out around the same time every year during normal working hours. A service will include the inspection of your boiler controls, boiler internals and a clean. If you have a magna clean filter fitted, this will also be inspected. If during the service we find your boiler to be causing a safety risk, this will be dealt with immediately and made safe under the Lincs Care cover, unless the repair is outside of the boiler or not a boiler fault.


Items Covered:


Items Covered:


Items covered:

Items not covered:



The electrical system on your property from and including the consumer unit, this includes all fixed wiring, light fittings and switches, sockets, isolation switches, extractor fans (if accessible) that are connected to the electrical system. Security lighting that is less than 15 feet high (5 meters). If in attendance the problem appears to be a minor issue, e.g. a light bulb and not connected to the electrical system there will be an additional charge of £50 + VAT. Acceptance for electrical cover will only be granted once an electrical test has been carried out within the last 10 years. We can arrange for these to be carried out at an additional cost of £110 + VAT.

Items not covered:



Payments are to be made between the 1st and the 5th of the month and paid by a recurring monthly payment. Once a Standing Order form is completed and taken or posted to your bank, a payment will be scheduled to deduct from your account every month thereafter. If a monthly payment is missed, we will contact you to enquire if you would still like to be covered under the Lincs Care scheme. If you do, and the missed payment was a banking error or over sight, an additional payment can be made to cover the missed payment and the cover will continue.


A refund of any monthly payments will not be given if you cancel the cover unless you are not satisfied with the service and then a refund of that month when the dispute began, will be refunded at our discretion. We require one months verbal or written notice by email or to the business address to cancel the cover. You are not tied into a contract and can leave at any time with no penalties, unless any repairs have been carried out in the previous 6 months in which case we will look to invoice for any parts used/replaced during this period.


Lincs Care 1: Boiler Care - £15.00pcm

Lincs Care 2: Boiler and central heating care – £20.00pcm

Lincs Care 3: Boiler, central heating system & plumbing care - £25.00pcm.

Lincs Care 4: Complete Heating, Plumbing & Electrical care - £30.00pcm


They are fully qualified, manufacturer trained engineers, for natural gas, LPG and electrics. We are qualified to work in Park Homes as well as domestic properties with many years experience of Park Home work.


Lincs Care for Residential Park Homes & Domestic Properties

trading as Lincs Maintenance Limited

2a Lincoln Road, Skellingthorpe, Lincoln. Office: 01522 695106

Mobile numbers (emergency and out of hours only) - 07841 638979/ 07944 506991

Limited Company number: 08801695

VAT number: 228 4644 94


We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time and each customer on a care scheme will be notified. The Directors word is final. He  can decide against signing you up to this Care scheme.

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